Invite us to your party for an exciting and unique birthday celebration! Egg Farmers Rocks & Rings presented by Curling Canada is available to celebrate your child’s special day. Give your kids a ROCKING birthday party with Rocks & Rings.

A Rocks & Rings instructor will provide one (1) full hour of fun games and activities all about the Olympic sport of curling for up to 24 kids. Please note that parental supervision is required.

Each child will receive a fun certificate as part of the day. The cost is $160 + tax for a 1 hour session. Parents are responsible for booking and securing a location of their choice (ie. Rec centre, church, school, or house). The space must be a minimum size of 12 x 20 without carpet.

To book your curling birthday party, please email us at or fill out the Birthday Parties Booking Form below:



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