We are now renting our high-quality curling equipment!

Rocks & Rings Rentals provides contactless delivery and pick-up of our fully sanitized equipment for you and your students to enjoy a safe, fun physical education program. Don't worry if your curling knowledge is limited, the Rentals package includes easy to use program cards with lessons and games pre-planned for you.

Along with official Egg Farmers Rocks & Rings presented by Curling Canada’s FloorCurl equipment, teachers and schools will also receive our new programming cards with games, activities, and drills to help share the excitement of learning about curling.

Rocks & Rings Rentals allow you to transform your school gym into an iceless curling rink! Rent the equipment for 4 days at $350 or for 2 days at $250.

Rocks & Rings Rentals are perfect for physical education games (both in the gym and in the classroom), measuring units, target games, and curling fun that you can add to online learning!

Your Rocks & Rings Rental Includes:

  • Four sets of stones (32 stones total)
  • Four pusher sticks
  • Four target (house) mats
  • Four curling scoreboards
  • Program cards with fun games and activities
  • Equipment delivery and pick up
  • Official Rocks & Rings Certificate for all students

This was a great program and the students loved the activities. It was fun and interactive. We used it all week with several classes. The supplemental activities [from the In the Classroom program] were also helpful with the Google Slides presentation and printable activities. I would highly recommend to others.

Thunder Bay, ON

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