With COVID-19 social distancing measures in effect, we have made it easy for you to continue curling as part of your physical education programs. During unprecedented times we have adapted the program you know and love into a rental package. To ensure physical distancing measures the curling target mats can be set up to keep children 6 feet away and the equipment is numbered so that students don’t share equipment with others. For the Rocks & Rings Rental program it is $325 for 4 days and $220 for 2 days.

Rocks & Rings Rentals are perfect for physical education games (both in the gym and in the classroom), measuring units, target games, and curling fun that you can add to online learning!

Your Rocks & Rings Rental Includes:

  • Four sets of stones (32 stones)
  • Four target (house) mats
  • Four curling scoreboards
  • Program cards with fun games and activities
  • Equipment delivery and pick up
  • Official Rocks & Rings Certificate for all students

We are also offering our original programs in most regions! Inquire for more information.

  • Thunder Bay, ON
    This was a great program and the students loved the activities. It was fun and interactive. We used it all week with several classes. The supplemental activities [from the In the Classroom program] were also helpful with the Google Slides presentation and printable activities. I would highly recommend to others.
    Thunder Bay, ON
  • Chris
    "Your program did a great job running during the current COVID-19 situation. The coach was really professional and energetic."
    Vancouver, BC

Rocks & Rings

The original Egg Farmers Rocks & Rings program presented by Curling Canada features a variety of drills, relays, and team-building activities that introduce students to the sport of curling with a focus on FUN!

Price: Thanks to our gracious partners, a full day of the program is only $205 (in all provinces except ON and AB*)

*Rocks & Rings is $215 in ON and $230 in AB.

Rocks & Rings Tournaments

The Egg Farmers Rocks & Rings Tournament presented by Curling Canada is an interactive curling bonspiel right in your school gym, perfect for students of all ages, including high school students.

Students engage in friendly competition while learning curling terminology, scoring, and more. Custom scoreboards and four mini curling lanes transform your school gym into an iceless curling rink ready for fun!

Book a Tournament as a follow up to the original program or on its own as a great addition to your physical education program.

Price: Thanks to our gracious partners, a full day of the program is only $235 (in all provinces but ON and AB**)

**Rocks & Rings Tournaments are $245 in ON and $260 in AB.

Travel fees may apply to schools outside our areas, please contact us for more information.

Rocks & Rings and Rocks & Rings Tournaments get students engaged and having fun while learning about the sport of curling. Book a visit with our in-school workshop to receive:

  • A full day of physical education indoor games where classes take turns visiting your gym to experience the sport of curling
  • An Egg Farmers Rocks & Rings Graduation Certificate for each student
  • A Getting Started in Curling guide courtesy of Curling Canada that includes additional PE games
  • An affordable curriculum-based program
  • A school field trip that comes to you! Perfect for one day or a multi-day residency!

Both programs can accommodate over 200 students in one day, with approximately 7 classes per day and up to 30 students per class. You can create a custom schedule for your school.

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