We understand that it can be difficult to fund programs for schools. We’ve compiled some tips and resources to help you fund your Rocks & Rings visit:


Fund It

Rocks & Rings is an affordable, curriculum-based program designed to bring curling to students. A full school day of programming begins at $235 and with up to 7 sessions per day at each school, the cost per student is as low as $1.


PTA Presentations

Partner with your Parent-Teacher Association to bring Rocks & Rings to students at your school. Our presentation package gives you all the necessary information to showcase Rocks & Rings as a beneficial program that is both engaging and informative.

Download Rocks & Rings Proposal (PDF)


Corporate Donation

Bringing Rocks & Rings to your school can be made possible with support from local businesses and organizations. Donating a physical education program like Rocks & Rings is a great way for businesses to give back to their community. Download our template letter to personalize and send to local businesses and organizations.


Write a Grant

Writing a grant is a great option for many schools. There are a variety of grant opportunities to fund your Rocks & Rings visit. Sometimes grant money goes unused simply because no one applied for the grant!

Sample Grant Opportunities:

GoodLife Kids

S’COOL life fund

Honda Canada Foundation

Jumpstart Community Foundation

ParticipACTION Community Better Challenge

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