Egg Farmers Rocks & Rings presented by Curling Canada is Canada’s acclaimed elementary school curling program that brings the Olympic sport of curling and the Paralympic sport of wheelchair curling to schools. Students of all ages and abilities can experience the sport of curling as part of their physical education programming and be introduced to wheelchair curling for a truly inclusive experience. Curling is a fun and unique daily physical activity (DPA) to try!

The cost varies for provinces and programs. For the original Rocks & Rings program, the price is $205 in all provinces except Ontario and Alberta. The price is $215 in Ontario and $230 in Alberta.

For the Rocks & Rings tournament program, the cost is $235 in all provinces except Ontario and Alberta. The price is $245 in Ontario and $260 in Alberta. Please note that travel fees may apply to cities outside of our locations.

For the Rocks & Rings rental program it is $325 for 4 days and $220 for 2 days.

All prices are subject to taxes.

If you live outside one of our locations listed there may be additional travel fees. Contact us for more details.

We can teach a maximum of 30 students at once.

We typically teach 7 classes per day. However, we work with you to create a custom schedule to best meet your school’s needs. Sessions are usually 30-40 minutes long, depending on your school day.

You can book Rocks & Rings for one day, multiple days, or a week-long residency!

The original Rocks & Rings program consists of a variety of drills, relays, and team-building activities that introduce students to the sport of curling with engaging physical education programming.

The Rocks & Rings tournament program is a bonspiel right in your school gym. Students will compete with and against each other while learning curling terminology, scoring, and more.

Rocks & Rings uses FloorCurl equipment. Learn more about FloorCurl equipment and how you can buy it for your school at

Yes we now rent our equipment in specific regions. Check out our rental page for more details.

Rocks & Rings teaches curling which is a target sport, a feature of the Canadian physical education curriculum. In addition, we are an approved Canadian Sport for Life program.

No, we do not require students to sign anything to participate in Rocks & Rings as it is an in-school field trip. We bring all the equipment to you as part of gym class.

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