Rocks & Rings is a Rock Solid Productions™, Inc. program.

Rock Solid Productions™ empowers brands and organizations to leverage the power of the Olympic sport of curling through iceless products, activations, and development programs.

FloorCurl™ is the Official Equipment of the Egg Farmers Rocks & Rings program presented by Curling Canada.

FloorCurl™ allows schools, community centres, seniors centres, and participants with disabilities to enjoy curling anywhere there is a smooth surface using artificial curling equipment.

Street Curling™ is part of the Rock Solid Productions, Inc family of companies.

Street Curling™ is iceless curling that allows winter's hottest sport to be played virtually anywhere using synthetic curling equipment that provides the most realistic artificial curling experience.

Egg Farmers Rocks & Rings program presented by Curling Canada is a proud supporter of Variety Village.

Variety Village is a family-friendly fitness, sports, and life skills facility in Toronto with programs for all ages and skill levels.

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