“I just walked into our grade 5 class and said, “Should we have Rocks and Rings back next year.” That roar that you must have heard halfway across the country was their affirmative response.”

Bill, Alberta

“Spoke to some of the teachers today and they said the kids really enjoyed learning about curling. They are pumped to watch the Olympic coverage and want to go to the Richmond Curling Centre to try it for themselves.”

Janet, Richmond BC

“The feedback I’m getting from the teaching staff is very positive and I’ve had the pleasure of hearing enthusiastic cheers and laughter from the students floating down the hallway making my day most pleasant! I would also like to look at purchasing some of the equipment that was used today as several teachers would love to add curling to their PE Curriculum! Thanks for your help in coordinating the day for us. Everything ran smoothly and your organization was extremely easy to work with and very professional from start to finish!”

Elaine, BC

“I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be involved with teaching the Rocks & Rings Program at my daughters school. I knew it was going to be a fun adventure however my expectations were highly exceeded! The kids were ecstatic with learning more about curling and yet – in their very own school gym! The immediate feedback that I received from parents at the school is that their kids LOVED it and can’t wait to hit a ‘real rink’. I recommend that everyone take advantage of this amazing program – be it organizing for your own child’s school or participating in the teaching process. As a competitive curler myself, I say thank you to Capital One and your partners – for helping grow our wonderful sport!”

Rona, Edmonton

“The program was FANTASTIC! The staff had very positive and enthusiastic feedback about both instructors that came to Seton. The students loved participating in the different activities and it was an amazing chance for them to experience a sport they wouldn’t normally get to try.”

Landra, Edmonton

“I consider getting ‘Rocks and Rings’ into the school as one of my best achievements at ‘Providence’. I thoroughly enjoyed the programme’s day with us this year and all the positive feedback I received from staff and students. I sincerely hope the school’s association with Rocks and Rings continues to be a long and happy one.”

Linda, Brampton

This will be the THIRD time that we will be having this program at our school. We absolutely love it! See you next year!

Vania, Calgary

Thanks for coming to our school on Wed to work on your special project. Our students had a great time and have a wonderful memory.

Could you please do me a favour and let Michelle know that she did an awesome job introducing curling to our students and teachers! I couldn’t get down to the gym quick enough after school to thank her personally, but she received rave reviews from staff and students alike. I’m already hearing about students who have gone home, told their parents how much they loved the curling experience….and now the family is looking into curling!

We look forward to working with you next year!

Donna, BC

The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience of curling today. I am sure that the experience sparked student interest in the Canadian sport of Curling.

Megan was super. She presented the info about curling in a way that the students could understand and also get enthusiastic about. Every class was able to connect to the game of curling and to the Olympic spirit.

They are now more informed and interested in the sport either personally, or to watch the Canadian representation in the 2010 Olympics.

I loved that the local representatives were there to help, and just their presence was so influential in stimulating interest in the sport. You got together the Chilliwack Curling Club representor and three Chilliwack Provincial Youth Champions to help out for the day. Super.

I personally was surprised and enlightened by the lack of knowledge and experience the students expressed in the sport. Especially when Canada shows a strong, positive presence in attaining a high standard in the Winter Olympics. The students are now tuned in and inspired to show support in a Canadian way. Patriotism is a great influence.

Thank you,
Dianne, BC

My students loved the Rocks & Rings program. Nathan is a fantastic instructor. We only have 30 minute classes so had to shorten the lessons a bit, but it was a great introduction to the sport of curling. I’ve passed along the info to a couple of other schools.

If you ever need a reference in the Halifax area feel free to pass along my contact info.

Thanks for everything,
Trish, Halifax

I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the program that we received at MacLeod’s Landing and how fantastic Heather was with the students.

Heather came well prepared and was very flexible with adjusting to some requests from teachers. She quickly established a good rapport with all of our students and demonstrated great patience with our challenging and ESL students. She was enthusiastic and encouraged the students throughout the day.

All of the students and many of the teachers shared with me their excitement for the day. They wanted to know when they would be able to do it again.

I think the program is designed perfectly… just enough time to give students a taste of what curling is and the basics of the game.

I have recommended the program to some colleagues of mine who teach in the surrounding area.

Kelly, Toronto

Thank you so much for bringing Rocks & Rings to our school. We were thrilled to have you here, and all of our students had a fabulous time. We heard comments like, “Are they going to be here next time?” or “How long are they here for?” and “Will we be doing this again next gym class?” Most of our Grade 3/4 class (the one involved in the media launch) saw the clip of themselves on Global news.

Please pass along our thanks to Jenica. Jenica did a terrific job, and her teaching/coaching skills were evident. She related well to our students, she kept the students engaged, and she did a great job at drawing out answers, and validating the children’s responses.

We saw tattoos for the whole week, and students talked about watching the BDO Classic on t.v. We look forward to the Olympics and having our students understand things a little more, and that they are excited about curling.

Good luck with your program into the future.

Karen, Winnipeg

The students and staff at Woburn Junior thoroughly enjoyed their time in the gym with Heather. The students were attentive and thrilled to learn a new sport. We have one staff member who is trying to get a group of 30 students to the curling rink for a real curling experience.

Heather was an excellent instructor. She had a great rapport with the students and staff. She joined in with our staff at lunch time and was enthusiastic even after seven sessions of Rocks and Rings.

Rocks and Rings is a fantastic way to bring the sport of curling into the school and give inner city kids like ours a chance to experience the challenges of curling.

The grant from Dominion certainly helped us to offer your unique program to all of our students. You have a valuable partnership that benefits a large group of young enthusiastic athletes.

Thank you for a wonderful experience,
Brenda, Toronto