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Looking Back at 10 Years of Rocks & Rings
November 22, 2018
We’re 10!
January 22, 2019

You might recognize Rocks & Rings instructor Selena Njegovan (nee Katz) from her nationally televised curling games. Vice for Team Fleury out of East St. Paul, Manitoba (ranked 5th in the world as of December 2nd, 2018), Selena obviously loves curling!

Selena joined the Rocks & Rings team in 2018. Her curling skills are matched by her enthusiasm for sharing the game with others. We’re happy to feature Selena in our instructor profile series:

[Rocks & Rings] What’s your favourite Rocks & Rings memory?

[Selena] I’ve just started working with Rocks & Rings but my favorite memory is my first Rocks & Rings session and seeing the kids get excited to see the rocks and rings set up in the gym.


[Rocks & Rings] Why do you think it’s important to teach students a new sport?

[Selena] I think it’s important to teach students a new sport because without trying it the kids will never know if they would enjoy playing it. Kids can also make many new friends by trying out a new sport. Curling is a sport that can be played for years to come so getting kids excited about the sport now is important.


[Rocks & Rings] What’s the best part of being a Rocks & Rings instructor?

[Selena] My favorite part of being a Rocks & Rings instructor is seeing the look on the kids face when they get a rock into the rings.


[Rocks & Rings] What’s your favourite egg dish?

[Selena] My favorite egg dish is a bacon and egg toasted sandwich.

We’re excited to have Selena on board this year and will be cheering for her on the ice!

Photos from @Room129Journeys on Twitter