Meet Instructor Kaytlyn, a Teacher Passionate About Sharing Curling

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December 4, 2017
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It’s no question that Saskatchewan loves curling! Kaytlyn, an instructor based in the prairie province, loves curling and sharing the sport with students. We reached out to Kaytlyn on Twitter to get her thoughts on what it’s like as an instructor.

Why did you become a Rocks & Rings instructor?
I became a Rocks & Rings instructor because I wanted to share this wonderful sport with kids all over Saskatchewan. I grew up in a small community where I was able to have exposure to a sport like this. This program allows me to give students the same opportunities I had.Being a teacher, this program has allowed me to share my passion for curling and physical education.I have always loved teaching any new sport or skill, and this opportunity seemed like the perfect way to do so!

What is the best part about being a Rocks & Rings instructor?
The best part of being a Rocks & Rings instructor is the joy on all the students’ faces when they enter the gym and seeing these young people being physically active and interested in a new sport.

Why do you think introducing students to a new sport is important?
Being a Rocks & Rings instructor means I get to be around kids to teach them the benefits of being physically active for life, and that’s the type of message I want to spread. As a teacher, creating a sense of excitement about sports is something that I have always been really passionate about. I believe that learning about sports is important because it will build a foundation for a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude for life.

What do you hope students learn from the program?
I hope that this program gives students the confidence and initiative to try curling.That they will take an interest in curling like I did. I also hope that interest motivates them to partake in a curling clinic/enroll in a curling club where they can practice their new found love of curling.

What’s your favourite way to enjoy eggs?