Competitive Curler and Rocks & Rings Instructor: Meet Courtney!

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June 8, 2017
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Rocks & Rings instructors are passionate about curling and sharing that passion with children across the province. Their enthusiasm and know-how gets kids moving and having fun while curling! Our Rocks & Rings instructors rock. We’ll be introducing you to some of our instructors, starting with Courtney Auld from Toronto, Ontario. Courtney is a competitive curler and an Ontario Junior champion.


Photo: Curling Canada

Why did you become an Rocks & Rings Instructor?

I became a Rocks & Rings instructor in order to share my love of curling with the next generation of curlers. I have always enjoyed introducing new people, adults and children alike, to the joys of curling and to why I have chosen to keep curling.

What is the best part of being a Rocks & Rings instructor?

The best part of being a Rocks & Rings instructor is the joy and amazement that I see on the faces of kids as they learn that curling is actually fun. Just watching curling on TV, while it can help people learn a bit about curling does not always draw people in. The joy of throwing your first rock is always what does it, even if it is not on ice and in the middle of a heat wave.

Why do you think introducing students to a new sport is important?

With the new wave of children choosing to play online rather than outside, any new sport or physical activity that you can introduce children to, can help to draw them away from their virtual reality. It is especially hard during the winter to stay active. This makes curling even more interesting as it is something that is usually only done during the fall and winter but with this program we can draw people to the sport during the spring and summer.

What do you hope Rocks & Rings Students learn from the program?

I hope that they take away an interest in curling. I also hope that that interest transitions into them going to a curling club and trying the sport for the first time on ice. Even if they only play once a week with friends or socially with family, I hope they gain a love for the sport that has been there for me for the last 8 years.

You can support Courtney’s curling team on social media by following them on Twitter @TeamCAuld and liking them on Facebook @TeamCourtneyAuld. We wish Courtney the best of luck in her competitions this year!