Instructor Mark is Sharing a Healthy Lifestyle with Students

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October 10, 2018
Looking Back at 10 Years of Rocks & Rings
November 22, 2018

Meet one of our instructors, Mark!

Mark apparently has a sweet tooth because his favourite Rocks & Rings memory was when teachers brought in their Halloween candy for him to enjoy. “It was a great day!” While candy should be enjoyed in moderation as part of a healthy lifestyle, you definitely don’t need to enjoy curling in moderation!

Mark believes it’s important to share this healthy lifestyle with students to help develop their physical literacy skills. Rocks & Rings helps students become confident and competent with new skills, allowing them to grow up to become active, healthy adults.

Mark says the best part of being a Rocks & Rings instructor is hanging out with kids all day while teaching them about curling!

As a shout out to our wonderful partners at Egg Farmers, we also asked Mark what his favourite egg dish is. Mark enjoys Eggs Benedict with ham, English muffins, hollandaise sauce, and a side of bacon!