we bring curling to kids

The Egg Farmers Rocks & Rings presented by Curling Canada program visits participating schools for a full school day. We take over the gym as classes take turns visiting for 40 minute sessions of fun and instruction.

Various drills, relays and team-building activities are used to introduce students to the sport of curling. It is a highly interactive program with the emphasis on fun!

Unique indoor floor curling equipment is used to provide a true curling experience without requiring ice!

At the end, each participating child receives their own Egg Farmers Rocks & Rings Graduation Certificate that they can share and discuss with their parents. The school also receives a Getting Started in Curling guide courtesy of Curling Canada.

The best part is the cost. At only $195 (all provinces but ON and AB*) for a full day of the program (thanks to our gracious partners!) it is an incredibly affordable curriculum-based program.

*Price for ON is $205 and AB is $225.


Extra Curricular Curling

Not a school? We book birthday parties, summer camps, community groups and more. Contact us for more information.


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